Basically, we can take music video as a short film which integrates a song with imagery. Music videos are also one of the major factors to keep you entertained. Not matter if you’re bored or stressed, music heals your soul. Lots of efforts are essential to make a music video which is not possible for the individual. So, a group of crew such as director, cameraman, light man, assistants, and actors is essential to make a perfect video. Both the music and video needs to be perfect so that it can gain more audience. Neither only music nor the video only helps to attract the audience so, both the music and the video is important. They are the two sides of the coin, one is incomplete without other.

Nepali Music Videos are also doing progress in the field of entertainment. Most of the videos these days are in high definition which gives a clear shot regarding everything included in the video. Many individuals are in abroad learning more about how to produce the best music videos loved by all. These days music videos are also so expensive that some music videos even cost you around 1 million.

No matter if the music video is of a movie or song albums, both are there to make you entertained every time. We can see best Nepali Music Videos these days where the whole crew has given their best to make it better. Music never dies, they are always there to heal your pain or to make you entertained every time.