It is a better way to take fitness outside in the Sun so that, you can enjoy fresh air and nature instead of using old things in the gym. To achieve the fitness goal here are five easy ways as the following to enjoy the spring weather which do not need any fitness equipment. There are a lot of opportunities to absorb sun’s ray doing outdoor exercises but many of us sweat our way to a fitter physique. If you are in doubt about the outdoor workouts you can consult with a fitness model and WBFF competitor Jen Jewell.

According to Jen Jewell, she is fond of outdoor exercises in the park doing some fun obstacles instead of sticking to the gym. She further suggests to take a page from this athlete’s book, and start normal training routine if weather allows.


Walking from one point to another is one of the most appreciated forms of exercise that is called hiking. It can be as fast or slow as your choice and you can seek out the hiking terrain as you feel right for you. According to Jewell, she loves hiking and she is crazy to think of how many hiking trails there probably are in our city that we don’t even know about. She advises us to find our city and a number of hiking trails in the google and enjoy on them getting out into a remote area for a hike.

The best idea to engage and strengthen our lower body and lungs is to walk up or hike or ruck on the hills. Walking without weight is hiking and walking carrying some weight into a backpack is rucking. Your shoulders, traps, core, back hips, glutes, legs and stabilizer muscles get stronger from rucking. It burns more calories, therefore, we can lose our weight consequences it is beneficial for the cardio too.


Usually, people are interested in being a “runner”. But a quick 2-3 miles walk with intervals of jogging also can make wonderful differences in intensifying our endurance instead of sticking to a grueling marathon. According to Jewell’s explanation, it doesn’t sense how do you exercise it but it senses how do you enjoy it yourself. Furthermore, she says to us If we follow her on social media we will know that she usually skips the cardio machines at the gym and went for outdoor exercises. She loves running while she is on outside whether it is a trail, beach or just the sights around her neighborhood.

Jewell says, “If there is not enough place for jogging and you don’t consider yourself a runner, you can use the pavement as well as you can start out by interspersing walking with 10-15 seconds of jogging. You can set small markers, such as lampposts or fire hydrants which helps you to be motivated and focused. I’ll set little markers to motivate me to push harder and ultimately increase my endurance,”


We have everything according to our needs to get a great strength exercise with us right now in the form of our body and whatever is in our surroundings. And certainly, it is more enjoyable than doing workout lonely on the corner of the cardio room of the gym.

According to Jewell, she does exercises somehow as the following “Split squats, step-ups, push-ups, and other plyometric exercises just like skipping, bounding, jumping rope, hopping lunges etc. on a bench or picnic table. If you have some sort of bench, using that bench you can do workout anywhere. It is mandatory to check and scale this routine back as much as necessary to meet our current ability level.


Nowadays, many yoga studios are available around than ever. But it is mandatory to be performed yoga classes in a certain room at a certain temperature to get the maximum benefits of yoga. Even if we are not at the level where we can improvise our own routine yet. Countless free yoga programs can be found online on YouTube so, we can perform them anywhere we want with the help of our phone.

According to Jewell Yoga is an easy and her favorite ascetic or spiritual discipline. There is no necessary any equipment to perform the yoga, it can be performed anytime and anyplace with no equipment. To achieve our goals yoga can play an important role because it can be as relaxing or strenuous as we decide. Yoga can either be spiritual and offer meditation-like benefits, or we can use it as another exercise to compliment what we are already doing.

In reality, yoga is not too easy to build strength, if we think so it is completely wrong. It has some specific rules to perform yoga. But there is no doubt that if we obey the specific rules while performing it, we will be a success in reaping the whole benefits of yoga.


Usually, we are used to overlooking or underestimating the effects of the stretching while doing exercise and we hurriedly start to do cardio and weights. But in reality, stretching is most essential for all training regimens.

According to Jewell’s experience, there’s just something about stretching outside and breathing in fresh air before and after a workout that leaves her energetic, refreshed and recharged.

If we take it outside with the specific intention of some stretching, we can focus it deserves and see real results. Hold poses long enough to wait out any tension, usually at least 30 seconds to a minute, focusing on breathing deeply and not clenching or struggling while stretching. This is an important work, so work systematically through your body, and pay attention to whatever feels like it needs it most