It may sound hard to believe but everything you do impacts your vision. Even the simplest things, like reading a book before you fall asleep, can influence your eye health. That is why, when talking about the most common causes of eyesight problems, we need to look at the big picture first.

When it comes to eye health, the principle is: what is bad for your body is ultimately bad for your eyes. For that reason general health is one of the first things to look at. Are you healthy? Do you suffer from chronic illnesses and take medications on a regular basis? How often do you get ill?

Poor general health is one of the top factors contributing to poor vision and the development of various eye diseases. Moreover, many over the counter and prescription medications are harmful for the eyes.

Some lifestyle habits can also greatly impact your vision. Lack of physical activity, unbalanced diet, and smoking or alcohol consumption are among the most common causes of eyesight problems.

Other most common causes of eyesight problems are:

  • Doing close-up work when you are tired. This includes just about any type of work that requires prolonged eye concentration, such as reading, writing, working on a computer and so no.
  • Bad posture. One of the most overlooked reasons for poor eyesight is bad posture. Bad posture while reading, writing, working or even while watching TV is harmful for the eyes and negatively impacts vision in the long run.
  • Fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights are very energy efficient and are commonly used in most working areas and homes. However, fluorescent lighting and other modern energy saving lights may be harmful for your eyesight.
  • Air conditioning. Air conditioning is a necessity nearly throughout the year. Despite all the positive sides of air conditioning, it has a bad effect on the eyes. Conditioned air is very dry and carries all sorts of dust and other airborne particles that directly damage the eye and ultimately lead to eye diseases.

There are many other things that can damage your eyes along with the most common causes of eyesight problems listed above. A great place to learn about them is to check out our section dedicated to Common Eyesight Disorders (page 164) where you can find detailed information not only about the cause of each vision problem but how you can help improve your eyesight naturally.