Losing weight can make a significant and life-altering change in how we live our everyday life.  After losing weight many people experience better sleep patterns, improved blood pressure, increased energy levels, and cholesterol levels.

There is renewed vitality and self-confidence after weight loss that improves life in general and health in particular that cannot be overlooked.

However, statistics show that 90% of people who undergo a weight loss program regain the weight within two years.  Why?  One reason is that most diets are unrealistic and simply cannot be maintained in the long term.  They almost always set you up for failure because they do not take into account real life; stress, eating out, a hectic job, cooking for the whole family or the many other temptations that are all around us every day.  We constantly feel like we are fighting a losing battle!

The second major reason that most diets don’t work is that they don’t really address the emotional and spiritual elements.  Food that is meant to nourish and strengthen the body becomes something we fear and leaves us feeling deprived.

Or it can become a poor coping mechanism for stress, tiredness, anxiety, sadness, boredom or other emotions and feelings.  Don’t despair; there are sensible and practical solutions available to help us cope with the weight loss dilemma.

Have you noticed how active people seem to be more satisfied with their physical appearance and weight?  A few simple activities added to your daily routine can  have a positive impact on overall health, fitness, and quality of life:

1.  Begin a 5 minutes stretching routine each morning

2.  Take a 10 to15 minutes brisk walk each day

3.  Walk whenever possible – instead of using the elevator, car, bus or train

Exercising on a regular basis speeds up metabolism, burns calories and distributes the weight loss evenly throughout the body.  Muscle and joint pain will be less severe and your mobility and flexibility will be greatly enhanced.

In order to stay motivated and keep on-track working with a fitness and nutrition professional, who understands that weight loss is a journey towards health and wellness for each individual will help.  They can design a balanced program that offers the right combination of diet and exercise to suit your particular requirements and help you to succeed in your goals and inspire you towards a life full of vitality.    So stay focused and most of all look for improvement long term not overnight!