Basically, Science and Technology refer to the interaction between two subjects, science, and technology. In this era, this topic has been so much of in importance. Generally, science is the study of prediction and explanation of nature and the universe. Technology is the study of techniques and methods which helps in the production and services of the goods.

In terms of mutual interactions, science and technology are often analyzed together with society. The understandable change of science and technology over the centuries are examined by The History of Science and Technology (HST). It is such a vast category that it covers everything from studying the stars to studying the molecules and virus. With the help of the study of science, we got to learn about the formation of salt which is almost in every table of restaurants and kitchens. With the help of technology, our life has made easy with the inventions of MRI machines, computing devices, fuel-efficient transportation, and flat screen television.

Science and Technology are also taught in academic fields often grouped with mathematics and engineering. They are the two side of the coin. In the late twentieth century, policymakers figure out science and technology as synergistic twins, noteworthy yet regularly erratic specialists of monetary, political, and social change on both national and worldwide scales. Many colleges and research center are established just to let the people know about the importance of science and technology.