The windows 10 update new features that will be rolling out worldwide from 10 April 2018. The update feature’s you need to know about all and everything. Microsoft has offered two updates which added a huge benefit for creative, however this major release shifts the focus to better managing your time. Windows 10 update the biggest and best changes latest version and feature are as follows:

Windows diagnostic data viewer

The Microsoft is being up front about the type of data you sent it.

1.  Go to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback.

2.  Choose to share on a Basic or a Full level.

3.  Below, you’ll find a Delete button that will delete all of the diagnostic data Microsoft has collected from your PC.

4.  After that if you toggle on the Diagnostic data viewer and click the Diagnostic Data Viewer button.

5. You’ll open the Microsoft Store to install the Diagnostic Data Viewer app.

Run the app and you’ll be able to see what Microsoft has collected about you. The presentation isn’t the most straightforward, but it’s all there in the app if you want to sift through it.


If you would prefer not to have your recent activity show up on the Timeline.

1.  Go to Settings > Privacy > Activity history

2.  Turn the toggle switch off for your account under Show activities from accounts.

Nearby Sharing

Apple has already AirDrop for the nearby sharing, now Microsoft has Nearby sharing. You can share files and links with nearby PCs, although those nearby PCs will need to be also running Windows 10 April 2018 Update and have Bluetooth and Nearby sharing turned on. You can toggle Nearby sharing on from the Action Center, where you’ll see a new button labeled Nearby sharing. With the feature enabled, you’ll see a new area in the share menu in File Explorer, Edge, Photos and other Microsoft apps.

Go to Settings > System > Shared experiences to set your sharing tolerance level, either Everyone nearby or My devices only.

Focus assist

Windows 10 update many features among them you can also set automatic rules to enable Focus to assist during set hours, when you are gaming or duplicating your display.

You can set up Focus assist: Go to Settings > System > Focus assist.

Local accounts password recovery

Microsoft offered password recovery help only for Microsoft accounts. With the 10 April 2018 Update, you can set three security questions for a local account, which you can answer if you can’t remember your password.

Go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and click Update your security questions to set up your security questions.

BETTER AUDIO OPTIONS FOR APPS: You can now specify different volumes levels on a per-app basis and these settings will be remembered by Windows 10 the next time you launch the application.